Hi! I'm Dan Czachorowski and my goal is to promote Poland as a great partner for any business venture, especially when it comes to technology.


VPP010 How to sell without selling?

This time it’s just me. No guests! It’s episode number 10 so I thought that I should give you some heads up on how was it so far when it comes to recording my podcast. It’s been great but it definitely takes more time than I originally anticipated! Plus I have a story for you about selling without selling. Enjoy! ...
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1 day ago
I've done the same thing multiple times with the "7 habits...". There are books which truly deserve to be shared without any expectations. https://t.co/nDNWUSeQp8
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Efe Otofia @efe_otofia
By @MJDeMarco

One of my All Time Favourite Business Books.

Had to gift 3 persons this book because of the value it contains.
#millionairafastlane https://t.co/2X3BudJ9jc

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VenturePoland4 days ago
What if in the near future you won't need to visit your GP/doctor and could get your #diagnosis done by your mobile phone?

The #future is here...


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