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VPP034 – Yet another niche marketplace startup with Marcin Szalek

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Today we discuss another example of a niche marketplace startup and the importance of focus on the needs of the customers. The times we live in force us to have a scalpel-like precision when it comes to business. Just like folks at Slowhop!

Building a travel niche marketplace

The first thing that came to my mind when I started researching Marcin Szalek and his business was that they compete with big brands like AirBnB or Booking… but then during the interview I really got embarrassed as that’s not really the case.

Moreover! My business is sort of the same as we deliver online services in a very specific niche. How short-sighted could I have become! 😉

Maciej and his spouse started Slowhop out of a need that was not fulfilled well by the big brands. The couple wanted to travel to very specific and niche places close to nature. This was pretty much impossible due to the fact that all the big search engines were not designed to support such hosts in terms of promoting the place.

Having said that the technology / idea is not the most important thing in the episode. This is a very mature discussion and you can feel the experience from Maciej. Just check out his Linkedin profile!

Although the interview is quite long I’d strongly recommend to go through it as we cover a lot of topics with a decent level of details which should be great for any startuper!

What’s in the episode?

  • Scratch your own itch when building a business!
  • Message (mission statement) has to be simple and straightforward.
  • Experience matters a lot…
  • Try! Things can get bigger than expected! (I agree 100%!)
  • Selling? It’s a numbers game…
  • If something works just repeat it.
  • Why to trick technology with workarounds?
  • Cliche one… focus!
  • Keep your standards!
  • Why to try discourage a client / partner?
  • Online vs live debate.

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Yet to come.


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