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VPP019 – 5 steps to hire and manage a remote team


Today I share some of our key findings about how to hire and manage a remote team. Our business is not at all about technology but I think we do have some interesting things to share. I actually like hiring people because it means that the company is doing well! Enjoy and make sure to leave a comment!

Remote team. Our way to grow Logopasja™

Just to give you a bit of a background here. Why do I talk about hiring and managing a remote team… Together with my spouse we run a business. Our company is called Logopasja™. It started out as a simple blog for speech and language therapists and now we serve hundreds of users daily. But that’s just the beginning… Thanks to the combination of Kamila’s creativity and knowledge and my engineering skills we’ve managed to create a service that helps parents teach their children speak. Even (or especially) when facing some serious developmental issues like for instance Down syndrome or Autism.

I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. Without external funding we have a small business. It works well, there’s plenty more things to do in terms of growth and operations but we are helping children, whole families. And we’re doing it globally!

What’s even more impressive our team (currently 10 in total) is almost 100% remote. Anything we accomplished would not be possible without great employees. But to be frank, we really help them to be the best. We’re helping them with a solid hiring process. And this is what I’m going to talk about today.

Enjoy todays episode. Let me know what you think in the comments!

5 steps to hire and manage a remote team

  1. Know your business before you hire
    1. Create the organisation chart with roles (do you know the book “E-myth”?)
    2. Try to behave as you were the employee executing each role to feel how it is.
  2. Focus on the specific role.
    1. Map out the KPI’s
    2. Prepare a process or at least specific guidelines on how to do things.
  3. Before you hire
    1. Prepare the contract
      1. Full time job or part time?
      2. What you’re going to offer? Not only salary!
      3. KPI’s
      4. Any other benefits?
      5. NDA, legal stuff etc. (Ask for help here!)
    2. Prepare tools for the job, no guessing (you created the KPI’s and process, remember?).
  4. The hiring process
    1. Create repeatable stages with specific goals to save time.
    2. Put ads in the correct marketplace.
    3. Put the job ad also on your website! Big red button!
    4. Prepare the onboarding package to transfer know-how
    5. Don’t forgot about the culture.
    6. Sample process looks like here:
      1. Send email and ask for the application form (do not send us your CV!).
      2. Form contains questions to determine time availability (we’re in a remote team…)
      3. Personality test (we use
      4. Put time pressure (you have 3 days to fill in the form).
      5. If all sounds good next round. Skype or meeting (typically 5-10% of applicants).
  5. Team management
    1. Routine checks. It doesn’t matter if it’s every week or two weeks, it has to be a routine.
    2. If something goes wrong it’s your fault.
    3. Over communicate to spot problems.
    4. Measure, you have proofs.
    5. Gifts and surprises?
    6. Fire quick, it’s your duty!

PS: One super important thing I forgot to mention in the recording -> Share knowledge between each other and update operations accordingly! Your team is a great resource of inspiration. Feedback to improve business operations / documentation should be scheduled in a same way as your routine catch-up’s…

PPS: I promised to share some simple action list from our business.

Ok, I know that you can buy software to do this, but with Excel you have a lot of control over the statistics and underlying calculations to measure problems.


Yet to come.


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