Strategic Consulting


Strategic consulting in business development, global sales and partner management

I’m glad you’re here as there is a very high chance we have a lot of synergies to be considered.

Strategic consulting is not just a buzzword. It’s a way of saving time and enhancing the operational capabilities of the directors and senior management of your organisation. That is very true especially for SME’s in startup and technology environment where fast paced product or services development often comes at cost of sales. Before we go any deeper than that please take a moment and get to know me better.

I spent 5+ years developing cutting-edge technology business in UK focusing on product delivery, sales and global partner management. The company was acquired by Halma (FTSE100) late 2018. The picture above was taken on a closed Austrian motorway during a very important pilot project for the government. This is just one of the examples of work around the globe I did. My core experience comes from the ITS industry. The majority of the expertise in sales and business development is transferable to any market sector.

Currently I’m dedicated to share my international business experience with Polish businesses. To understand my point of view a better I recommend listening to the first episode of my podcast HERE.

What I can help you with?

  • international expansion and global sales
  • partner program management
  • sales processes
  • strategic business development

Let’s put it this way, we’re talking execution and not just strategy.

As part of VenturePoland’s mission I host a podcast where I interview Polish entrepreneurs, startup founders, managers and engineers. The goal is to share some of their best insights and business expertise so we can all learn from them.

I’m also the co-founder of Logopasja™. The company provides an online therapy service to a global customers base and we are super proud to serve and help hundreds of families worldwide. Since we started in 2013 it’s probably well over a 1000 children that we helped and changed their lives.

What’s next?

If you feel that things don’t go well to your plans, maybe it’s time for someone with a fresh look at your organisation?

Contact me on +48 577 797 222 or on WhatsApp on +44 7512 058 005

Daniel Czachorowski