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VPP006 – Why AI is the key to innovation with ByteLake


We live in the age of buzzwords and abbreviations. AI, HPC, IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning are just a few examples of how innovators, researchers and technology people can make things more complicated for themselves (and for potential partners of course). I have invited ByteLake to my podcast so we can clarify a few things about the world of Augmented Intelligence.

What’s in the episode?

  • What’s really under the buzzwords?
  • Examples of tangible AI applications and solutions for businesses.
  • Why AI is more Augmented Intelligence rather than Artificial Intelligence?
  • How to approach AI and implement it in your organisation?
  • How ByteLake helps businesses with innovation?

Most valuable Q/A

Daniel: Have you ever been surprised that the solution, whether it was your idea or a client’s problem to solve; have you ever been surprised if it worked better than expected? Is it actually possible to see this kind of results?

ByteLake: Yeah, of course. So let’s take our recent work with this tree recognition. We delivered ninety-two to ninety-five percent accuracy, so drones moving fast and taking the picture, we are talking about 4K pictures and the drones are flying really high, so imagine the trees are really, really small and we were able to do it in such accuracy that it was really surprising for us.

My thoughts on ByteLake and AI

I was always curious about what AI will give us. It’s been probably around 10 years when I first heard about it and although I had some exposure to the technicalities of neural networks and other mechanism used in the underlying mathematics I never really participated in any project or product development which would actually use it in practice. Which is a shame because on the other side I never really felt that the topic was explained to me in a good and meaningful way by anyone (thanks ByteLake!). I consider myself as a quite technical person and obviously I can extrapolate the abbreviations and buzzwords (+ I can use Google) but still, saying that the AI is related to robots and that will improve  everything doesn’t mean a lot to people who could benefit it the most.

I think it’s really important that the “tech people” explain the benefits of using new technologies to businesses in a more natural, human way. Tangible results are crucial but more important in my opinion is how we begin the discussion. I think the tech world should step out a bit and reach to the business people with simple questions like what’s your main struggle, where’s the bottleneck and so on to target the correct technology for the issue that’s most obvious for their client.

From my observations the vast majority of small businesses could benefit from using new technologies but they are really far behind the trends in innovation. Many companies still use pen and paper to process data and so on…

Let’s change the world, let’s make the innovation more approachable and understandable. And when it comes to the AI, let’ do it together with ByteLake of course!


VPP006 Why AI is the Key to innovation with ByteLake


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