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VPP007 – How NOT to sell software B2B with Kacper Warda


How difficult it is to sell software?

It seem like there’s no easy answer to this question. My guest went through a lot of major hiccups in his journey. He left the university and started an IT company. Now, almost a decade later he’s running a small team, supporting some of the major production companies and discount shops in Poland. Kacper Warda probably made all the possible mistakes along the way to learn how to sell software in B2B environment and now he shares his experience with us. Enjoy!

What’s in the episode?

  • How many calls you need to make to sell your software to a big company?
  • What’s easier: developing software or finding clients?
  • How long should you wait with releasing the MVP?
  • How to work with investment funds in Poland?
  • What are the common mistakes small IT businesses make at the beginning?
  • How to keep people in the team if you can’t afford to pay them salary?

Most valuable Q/A

Daniel: How long did it take you to build the first version of your usable product that the potential customer wanted to talk about and then buy, was it six months, one year or even longer?

Kacper: I think the the most valuable answer would be: “too long”. We tried to have too many options, too many features in the version one. And when we found the first client, we figured out that some of features they don’t need it, but another they need and we don’t have it. I don’t remember exactly, because it was part from the thesis and part for looking for clients time; if we summarise it, it took us something between six months and a year.


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PV_Emotional by PeriTune | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Transcript: Amelia Stańczyk, Mariusz Czachorowski

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