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VPP009 – Disrupting MedTech with Kasia Pala

distrupting medtech

Everyone is disrupting in the 21st century. Disruption as a slogan started the day after we were all given the first iPhone. But the truth is that we gave extraordinary meaning to something which occurs naturally as a result of the process of failure and repetition. My questions now is, how can we assess whether something is actually disruptive and in what scale? My today’s guest is very close to the sun. And we talk disrupting MedTech so it is rather serious…

Augmented Intelligence was and still is very disruptive for many industries. We spoke about it in one of the previous episodes – VPP006. Automation and machine intelligence. Great example as a broad idea. But what about any specific solution? Look no further and check-out this device created by SensDx.

Disrupting MedTech on the go…

Dr Katarzyna Pala joined my show to talk about their innovative technology. The company dedicated to simplify and assist the diagnostic process of the most common pathogens. Their first product is dedicated to detect the influenza virus in a human sample.

Why this technology may become disruptive? To name a few reasons. It provides super accurate diagnosis in just a couple of minutes. It is dedicated for home and clinical use, it is less expensive than a good dinner and it has a cool mobile app with stats!

Enjoy the episode. I’m really excited to share it with you!

Update 27th Feb 2020: This is even more important now, when we face the #coronavirus issue globally. We need this kind technology!

What’s in the episode?

  • Innovation and disruption in MedTech
  • Running a proper feasibility study for MVP’s.
  • How to approach different verticals with your solutions?
  • Practical implementation of the Theory of Constraints.
  • How to successfully run a multidisciplinary team?


Yet to come.


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