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VPP010 – How to sell without selling?


This time it’s just me. No guests! It’s episode number 10 so I thought that I should give you some heads up on how was it so far when it comes to recording my podcast. It’s been great but it definitely takes more time than I originally anticipated! Plus I have a story for you about selling without selling. Enjoy!

The episode is short so I’ll keep the intro short as well. What did I learn so far about recording a podcast? If you remember from the first episode this whole podcast thing is an experiment for me. A diary and opportunity at the same time. I want to give back what I’ve learned over the years.

A short recap to date:

  • It’s great experience and it gives me the opportunity to talk with great guests.
  • People are genuinely up for it and accept my invites!
  • It’s a bit like with sales. You have to have your pipeline because things can move a lot…
  • It takes a lot of time.
  • It takes more time.
  • And finally, it’s very time consuming.

When it comes to my sales story in the second part of the recording I’d like to add one more thing.

I can literally share dozens of stories with the similar message and they all come down to the same moral. It’s all about communication and going above and beyond what’s on the contract. When we start listening actively then a lot of opportunities arise. It’s our job to be empathetic regardless of the position we hold in the company. And usually the lower we are in the hierarchy the closer we are to the source of the problem which sometimes it’s just not visible from other perspectives. It’s our duty to behave like everyone’s watching, even if they don’t. It pays out, always. Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do like GV says.

I wish you great and long lasting partnerships.


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