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VPP011 – When technology and fun unite with Arek Śmigielski

When technology and fun unite…


Who says technology is boring? Who says it’s only for the computer geeks and Elon lovers? Ok… we all know it’s actually the opposite. Engineering is a big playground for so many of us, engineers. The real fun begins when the big boys come to pay for your toys. Optinav made technology and fun unite, let’s listen to their story. And if like me, you like to stretch your brain with a good riddle the title may sound very familiar. Hail to my metal friends! 🙂

Machine Vision is one of the puzzle pieces we need to focus on over the next years if we dream of autonomous robots. Ones like from the Hollywood movies. For now mainly the heavy industry is the biggest beneficiary of this technology. The good thing is that we’re closing the gap with consumer electronics year after year. Industrial robots (like the ones building vehicles or in any other production plant) can be super precise, they don’t need salaries and work super fast. They allow us to focus on other problems which can get solved by the same engineers multiplying the ROI many times.

Arek, (the CEO of Optinav) and his team are a perfect example of how a small and agile company with an idea can really impact the tech-world with their inventions.

What’s in the episode?

  • Words of wisdom on perseverance (after NOT selling a company and going bankrupt…).
  • How McDonald’s choose potatoes to cut their chips?
  • Did you know that the European Space Agency is building a debris collector?
  • How to make the most out of any exhibition or trade show?
  • What happens when technology and fun unite?
  • What changes when your company gets sold?

PS: If you’re interested in general in Augmented Intelligence make sure to check out my interview with ByteLake!


Yet to come.


PV_Emotional by PeriTune | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Transcript: Amelia Stańczyk, Mariusz Czachorowski

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