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VPP012 – Stop wasting money on exhibitions

stop wasting money

Sales and marketing are like yin and yang and we all agree that money has to be spent in order to drive growth of any organisation. But when it comes to trade shows something just went wrong and it seems like only few do it right. Today I’d like to share with you some of my ideas on how to stop wasting money on exhibitions and trade shows in the technology world. Enjoy.

Stop wasting money on exhibitions!

What I’d like you to remember from this episode is that most likely you don’t spend enough time and energy planning your trade shows. This then leads to all sorts of problems (technical, logistics etc) which then translate into lack of sales or leads. Who is then to be blamed? Marketing and branding are not considered as important by many but still they play a crucial role in any business existence. This is because the consumer or client will associate specific themes, actions and results with the brand. Our brand. Exhibition itself is a relatively small project with a set of deadlines. With a simple checksheet any person, even without any serious project management training will be able to deliver. So why you keep wasting money on exhibitions?

Today we touch on trade shows, next time I’ll have a guest who will talk a lot about branding.

What’s in the episode?

  • How to make the most of any trade show
  • Key reasons why you’re wasting money on exhibitions

If you want to hear a proper success story related to exhibitions I’d strongly recommend to listen to my last episode with Arkadiusz Śmigielski from OptiNav. They basically sold the company on a trade show!


Yet to come.


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