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VPP013 – Why brand is important with Aga Jóźwiak


What is brand? What does it mean to you or your clients and why brand is important? Why we associate objects, services or even feelings with specific company or its product? Brand equals reputation. The funny thing is that it can also be negative! For example. Some businesses relate to a very poor quality of services (some airlines for example) but people still use them. Why? Because they’re very affordable. But how do you get the most out of branding to drive customer success? I hope Aga from ClickMeeting will help you out. Enjoy today’s episode!

Unrelated story about why brand is important…

There is a very famous company in Poland which is mainly known for manufacturing of roofing materials. Company name is typical for Poland with the characteristic “-ski” at the end. Nothing fancy, seriously. You wouldn’t be able to pronounce it correctly, that’s for sure. Having said that they managed to make their brand stand out seriously with a very simple “trick”. All motorway and city banners have a very good looking lady in PPE clothing holding their products. Ok, some may argue that it’s against certain norms and standards or even inappropriate. But it works and that’s the goal of any business. To build brand that stands out.

Ok. But let’s go back to our guest. ClickMeeting is a webinar and communications platform. Aga is their Brand & Communications Director and today we’d like to tell you why you should focus on building a great product, with a story and connection to your clients. Communications is the key to the customer success. Have a listen and adopt! Each minute you leave money on the table, that’s for sure.

What’s in the episode?

  • Benefits of having in house marketing team of around 20%
  • Why to target the specific audience for the age of your product
  • Who to serve first as a SAAS, SME’s or corporate clients?
  • Optimise or drop method

PS: Another great example of good branding is SensDx, I’ve recorded one episode with them some time ago.


Yet to come.


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