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VPP014 – How to use LinkedIn for B2B sales? Part 1

how to use linkedin for b2b sales

Finally I’ve managed to record something meaningful and I can’t wait to hear your opinions about this episode as I’ll talk today about how to use LinkedIn properly. I’m not an expert here but after using it for around 6 months, it seems to me that just by following some simple rules LinkedIn platform can really generate a lot of value to conscious business owners, sales and marketing teams and employees of course. I really think that you will enjoy this one!

So how to use LinkedIn properly?

Well, as I already said, I’m not an expert but some of the things I’ve done truly work. Those actions are repetitive and will fit into any sales process, providing that you know where you’re heading to. I’d strongly recommend listening to my previous interview with Aga Jóźwiak from ClickMeeting whee we discuss the importance of brand and synergy between sales and marketing. LinkedIn was created as a CV base but it is a mature and FREE business development channel… Take the advantage of it when it’s not too late!

What’s in the episode?

  • How to reach out to the Decision Makers via their private mailbox?
  • What to do if the Decision Makers are not on LinkedIn?
  • Ways to engage with people in meaningful conversations?
  • How little you need to get results on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn To-do list:

  1. Fill in your profile properly. Check out mine, the only thing to do extra here is to put some keywords in your role description.
  2. Follow relevant topics and people so you get new content to comment on and engage with people.
  3. Reply to comments in a meaningful way.
  4. Connect with people you don’t know with a personalised and contextualised note.
  5. Check out your competition on LinkedIn and you’ll be amazed how early we all are!
  6. Stop using LinkedIn as a banner ad platform for your products and services.
  7. Ask your coworkers / employees to do the same!

Below I’ve prepared some examples of messages I’ve received from my LinkedIn contacts. Two top messages received without me expecting them to come The last one is just an example of my 50-75 direct message campaign via LinkedIn invites. Apologies for those who don’t understand Polish. I’ll translate for you 🙂

Example 1 – Juicy job offer

Here, basically I received an opportunity to talk to an investor who seeks for a leader for his startup. CEO position + equity vesting. Interesting… Hope they’re successful!

Example 2 – Serious cooperation message

A random message about synergies in competencies. I got invited for a coffee and I can say that the theme here is related to VC’s and startups…

Example 3 – Help with podcast

One of many replies when I’ve asked for help with my podcast. Easy!

Example 4 – Unbelievably high CTR for paid ads

Zoom in and you still won’t believe it…


Yet to come.


Transcript by Mariusz Czachorowski | Images from | Music promoted by, PV_Emotional by PeriTune,, Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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