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VPP015 – Don’t be afraid of VC money with Michał Kautsch


VC money and startup founders are like fishermen on a boat. Someone owns the boat, others have nets and rods, someone else may know where and how to fish. Just look at them, they’re a team at the and of the day. Should one be afraid to ask others for help? Absolutely not. Could one succeed without others? Probably not as well.

Should you be afraid of VC money?

Finally we have a guest! Today I invited Michał Kautsch from PFR Ventures to my podcast. We discussed external startup founding in light of a yet unripe venture capital market in Poland. And it seems to me that this corresponds well to the situation in many countries across whole Europe. There are certain variables in the “unicorn / golden grail” equation that simply don’t match to what our American friends do on a daily basis. Moreover, some are simply missing! And let me tell you a secret… It’s not the money that’s missing in the ecosystem…

I hope that this episode resonates well with you because after chatting to many companies and some VC funds representative it seems to me like there is a bit of a friction between the VC money and startups. Let’s clear this one out!

What’s in the episode?

  • Why investors invest? Yes… founders often forget about it…
  • When is the best time to ask for external funding?
  • What is the profile of a typical investor or an angel?
  • How to match the founders with smart money?
  • What do if you’re looking for an investor but you don’t operate in high-tech?
  • What are the main pains of a VC fund?
  • What’s the current status of Polish VC market?

And if you feel curious enough I invite you to listen to my interview with OptiNav, as it’s a true success story where the external investor made the tech-geeks dreams come true!


Yet to come.


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