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VPP017 – Turquoise Startup with Mateusz Jarus

turquoise startup

What is culture? Who creates one? Is it top down or bottom up? What’s the difference between a big and small organisations culture? And most importantly why we could all learn something from a turquoise startup?

What’s a Turquoise Startup?

Well, we need to start with a different question. What is a turquoise organisation? Long story short, it is a very broad concept of management strategy that can be applied in business to significantly boost its growth. It’s built around culture hence it may not seem practical at first glance but I’m not an expert here so please let my guest try to explain this bald idea to you.

Please say helo to Mateusz Jarus, the CEO and founder of A small Polish software house that seriously wants to make some impact Not because they’re “a different software house” but because they truly believe in a better way of building a business that not only makes money but it’s a place where people feel like at home, they know the purpose and feel fulfilled as professionals. And considering just the fact that they’re a startup it’s even more difficult for Mateusz to introduce the turquoise organisation concept, that’s for sure!

I’m really glad that I’ve recorded this episode. It’s a bit long but well worth a listen!

What’s in the episode?

  • Responsibility / accountability in a turquoise startup
  • Building mobile games for Volkswagen
  • How to survive a 24 months cashflow issues?
  • Insights on Gallup’s Q12 Index on Employee Engagement
  • When to look for an investor?
  • Sales process for startups in practice
  • Why to turn down a 7 figure investment (a bit like my other guest in this episode…)


Yet to come.


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