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VPP020 – How to smile with Bartosz Rychlicki

how to smile

Of course the technology can make us smile. Probably for the majority of inventions, humans came up with ideas on how to enjoy them in some awkward ways. But what if I’d tell you that technology can genuinely help someone become a better person, drive the business results and build a better relationship with clients? All in the same time… This is what Bartosz Rychlicki from Quantum CX is doing. Who would not like to know how to smile more often!

How to smile with technology in mind?

I couldn’t imagine a better way to start the next series of VenturePoland Podcast in 2020. In the startup world we need to be very open to what the future brings and think outside the box, but also to be pragmatic about the results. Somewhere between lies the answer to a successful startup execution.

Today I think I have a great example for you guys to learn from. Mainly because some companies deal with things which at the first glance make little sense but when you dive a bit deeper it turns out that we’re very close to a real breakthrough.

Ok, to the point. It’s a common fact that when we smile often people around us smile more as well. I’m not going to quote anyone here but that’s a general observation of mine regardless of any scientific papers… 🙂 Bartek and his team work on a device that helps detect smiles. How and what for? I’ll let you listen to my first interview in 2020. Enjoy!

What’s in this episode?

  • Doing trials in the USA
  • Problems with detecting smiles…
  • 3rd party integration or a standalone solution?
  • How much you make with a no 1 app on Google Play marketplace?
  • Working with the largest CEE bank – PKO BP
  • Pivoting a startup idea – bad or good?
  • What to do if accidentally you open a market that shouldn’t have been opened!
  • How to keep up with the pace after 7 years of running a startup?
  • Experienced CEO’s advice to younger entrepreneurs
  • Why it’s important to do profiling tests for people?

If you fancy to hear another great story about a happy and successful entrepreneur, I’d strony recommend this episode. We’re all playing the same game of persistence, intentions, luck and curiosity!


Yet to come.


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