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VPP021 – Discovering innovation with Tomasz Bąkowski


There are 7 billion people in the world and if innovation was easy we’d all be great at it. But what if we should consider a bit different view on it? What if we’re all wrong? Let’s discover innovation instead of daydreaming. Have a listen to a story about how some of the biggest players like Philips, Viessmann or Bosch approach innovation.

Discovering innovation

Tomasz Bąkowski from Brainworx facilitates innovation validation and implementation for his clients. And that’s rather bigger companies… What we can learn just from this one sentence? We all need help improving our products and services. We all have different approaches to innovation. And most importantly we are almost always very far from the truth with the very first idea.

Discovering innovation means following a process. Even for a startup world where things happen very fast and sometimes out of control when we look at the whole picture we’re following a process. We’re looking for clients, asking for references, trying new things with technology etc. But in the end the market tells us what’s needed and what people and companies are willing to pay for.

Business is to make money and to solve problems. To innovate means to try, test and implement. This is exactly what my guest does for a living so hopefully he’s going to be a huge inspiration for you as it surely was for me. Enjoy todays episode!

What’s in this episode?

  • Different definitions of innovation
  • Process versus the end result
  • How to discover innovation in your product / services?
  • Why your customer is the key to innovation?
  • Demographics analysis really works…
  • How to approach validation?
  • Why to measure how painful is generating new leads?
  • Why the disruptive value should be at least 2-3 times better than the current solution?
  • Startups, do not daydream!

I did record many interesting stories about innovation… if you fancy anything more let me share with you this one, about crafting diamonds. Have a good one!


Yet to come.


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