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VPP023 – Venture Building World with Tomasz Rudolf

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In the startup world timing and time of execution are crucial. Corporations are slow from their nature. But what if I say that startups can also be sluggish due to many obvious reasons? What happens if we bring the two worlds together? Is there a way to speed up things without increasing the risks dramatically you may ask? Venture building might just be the answer…

Venture building in Poland

First of all let’s have a look at one of the available definitions of venture building. Well it’s generally a startup studio which means that it’s a business that creates businesses… And although at a first glance it may not make too much sense the true potential lies where this kind of service is applicable.

The truth is that it’s widely used by corporations to innovate and create change. Given all the constrains of how big organisations operate there are some obvious reasons why you’d like to separate a team to do the job in parallel to the ongoing business. Think of this concept as a special task-force.

The Heart is just that. They’re a venture building, startup studio with some serious partnerships and successes. A very interesting story straight from the capital of Poland.

My and yours guest today it Tomasz Rudolf, one of the founders of the company.


PS: Just a few months back I recorded a very interesting interview about creating the ability to innovate by companies. Have a listen here!

What’s in the episode

  • What’s venture building in practice?
  • How important are the sales skills for a startup?
  • Most common mistakes for startups when pitching corporates.
  • Why innovation has to bring a minimum of 10x value proposition for the client?


Yet to come.


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