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VPP025 – Building a successful VR startup with Marek Antoniuk


Let’s put it this way. Building a startup is not easy. Creating a successful startup is almost like gambling. And creating a successful startup in the realm of a niche technology is almost impossible. So how did it happen that a small team from Białystok, Poland managed to break through with a VR startup?

Measuring the success with a VR startup

First of all let’s think of the meaning of success as it’s going to be different for all of us. To me it’s mainly freedom but someone else may say that it’s a minimum of 10M on their bank account. Someone else may say that a 5+ family fill be a success. By no means RiftCat is a globally known brand like for example Microsoft, but having active 500k+ users is pretty impressive don’t you think? And that’s a VR startup!

I’m really glad that I managed to invite Marek to my show as he is the type of person that we should be listening to if we’re serious about any technology ventures. Enjoy!

What’s in the episode

  • How to advertise for free (with a bit of luck…)?
  • The importance of proper mailing strategy.
  • Tips on building a B2C app for Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • Do you need to attend conferences to build a company
  • Simple ways to up-sell to your clients.
  • Why some startups don’t hire sales and marketing people.

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Yet to come.


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