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VPP026 – Looking for a better VC partner with Alex Meyer


There’s no long intro today. Straight to the point as we have an investor on the show. Alexander Meyer from joined me to talk about startups. This episode is rather valuable for anyone making his way through the B2B software realms.

42cap is just the beginning…

In general startups in Poland (and probably in other developing countries) have the tendency to look for local help first. That’s, of course considering funding, business guidance, market research etc. Is it the correct and only way? I think not always. The way to push forward is to start, get a result, measure and repeat until it’s done or a pivot is required. But there are different tools to do it, even outside our own sandbox!

Stats show many high valued IPO’s, exits or other transactions around the world but not so many spectacular news from the Polish, Czech or Hungarian tech ecosystem? Why is that?

Maybe we’re looking for help in the wrong places? What if startups finally used Google and look for a better VC match globally?

Having said that it’s only my observation so don’t quote me on it! 🙂

PS: If you’re still not convinced about getting a foreign investor on board you may consider listening to this episode with PFR Ventures from Poland.

PPS: I need to explain the main picture here a bit. The sits are from the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Until 2006 it was the home of my favourite football team, Bayern. Alex, I hope you don’t mind this analogy here 😉

What’s in the episode

  • Staying in control over your startup.
  • Things take time (Alex has 30+ years of business experience…)
  • Product VS team approach for VS’s.
  • Leverage data (i.e. how your customers use your product!)
  • Only ask for money when you know what to do with it
  • Why to get funding early-on?


Yet to come.


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