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VPP027 – How to scan everything with Jędrzej Kowalewski


Of course we, as humans are limited and we all know that. But what about if I’d told you that we’re also limited with the way we use the technology. What if I’d told you that there are cameras that can see much more than you can imagine? Welcome to the world of space-tech. Scanway will be our guide.

How to scan everything with Scanway?

In principle I’m not a huge advocate of companies that take on too many projects and responsibilities. At least this is how I roll – I just cannot do multiple things at once. And it’s not about “multitasking”, which is often wrongly quoted but more about the fact that there is always an infinite number of things to do with a project to make it better… to actually make it work!

But things with startups are a bit more complicated. You need an idea, you need hardware / software depending on the idea, you need a team, great execution… and most importantly you need money!

When it comes to money, at least in Poland things work in a very specific way. Especially with the NCBR grants which are delivered to develop a very specific technology. Sometimes you need to pivot in order to receive the grant, sometimes it gives you additional credibility boost if you’re successful so you can search for an angel investor etc.

Jędrzej Kowalewski, the CEO of Scanway talks to us today about the story of his company. How they started, how they pivoted, how they sent things to the orbit and much more…

Enjoy, as there’s a lot to learn from in this one!

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What’s in the episode

  • Finding luck at a trade show (again…).
  • R&D VS the break-even point.
  • How a 150 channel camera works?
  • Working with the ESA.
  • Asteroid drilling project…
  • Why it’s important to know how procurement works in bug companies?
  • Hiring the 1st Sales Engineer, a true game changer!
  • How to save costs when starting up?
  • Most difficult thing running a startup? Managing the team…


Yet to come.


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