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VPP028 – How to stop drones with Radosław Piesiewicz

how to stop drones

Sometimes the technology is used against us. We’ve seen that in the movies, we all remember the cold war stories. The truth is that today, due to the widespread availability of computers and consumer hardware people can come up with all sort of strange ideas… For instance how would you stop drones flying just next to an airport? Are they dangerous? Just read about the infamous Gatwick incident in 2018.

The technology to stop drones is…

…radar. Well, actually it’s rather a combination of technologies because radars can detect drones. But to actually stop drones and take them down you need a jammer or a hard kill solution.

On the flip side you can find YouTube videos of people training birds of pray to do it, you can also find videos of “smart net technology” where people run around the field like headless chickens trying to stop drones that fly just above the ground… Go figure…

It may sound trivial but the technology developed by my friends at Advanced Protection Systems is probably the most complex from all the interviews I done so far.

I’d like to emphasise that this is more like a set of boxes and every one of them could be a startup on its own. Imagine first building radar parts that could easily be sold to 3rd party manufacturers like Siemens. Then think about building the device to detect drones, then about building a jammer to actually stop drones. On top of that you have to have good PR, marketing and sales, not to mention software or AI.

And yet we see a lot of startups who struggle to even create a proper MVP or POC to get the first round for their “something-fy” app with no real market need recognition.

You know what really makes the difference? Not the idea and not the technology. It is people and execution. Radek and Maciek from APS are the living examples of this statement.

If you want to understand more about Ctrl+Sky technology just check out their website and YT channel.

What’s in the episode?

  • How to stop drones and get funding, a success story from Gdynia.
  • How many exhibitions, demos and customer visits a startup should perform?
  • The true value of an MVP.
  • Do you need a perfect solution to sell it to a client?

PS: If you want to hear a positive story about using drones and AI technology I strongly recommend my interview with ByteLake who use them to count trees! Yes, that’s right 🙂


Yet to come.


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