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VPP029 – Building a marketplace startup with Natalia Kwiecień

marketplace startup

Building a marketplace startup is supposedly one of the most difficult things an aspiring entrepreneur can do online. Is it possible in a micro scale? Yes. Please welcome Natalia Kwiecień with her story to help Polish families (and companies…) find better Duers! = marketplace startup

I’m really glad that we managed to talk and record this one as I feel like there are a lot commonalities between myself and Natalia business wise.

We both take it very serious when working with our partners and clients. We curate them and make sure that the best possible service is delivered. This approach takes more time but it’s necessary to build the foundations for the brand and its reputation. It’s a long term game.

That’s even more important when you have the audacity to build a marketplace startup. Can you even consider starting small? Step by step, customer by customer, city by city without a huge team. And what’s even more interesting, what if I tell you it’s possible without astronomical rounds of funding…

Now, please let Natalia explain to you who are Duers, and why you need one!

What’s in the episode?

  • The importance of measuring CAC
  • Why B2B requires a lot patience?
  • PRO TIP: control the supply side
  • Again… make a proper market research
  • How to bootstrap a business?
  • Take care of your partners!
  • How many software developers you need to launch a marketplace?
  • Ask yourself: “where is the revenue”?
  • How to deal with returning customers?

PS: Let me remind you of another great success story with a lot of happy customers 😉


Yet to come.


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