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VPP030 – Best CRM for startups


Ok, let’s deal with this one once and for all. I see a lot of questions, comments and discussions online about which is the best CRM for startups. Chatting with founders during coffee breaks at conferences goes on similar. Unfortunately close to none talk about what I’m going to touch on today. Why?

“Best CRM for startups” is a fad

Read it one more time. And I sold quite a few things in my life already.

Reasons? Well, there are a few in my opinion. I’ll give you one now so you can listen to the podcast for more!

For example, at the beginning or just after conception of the company all you need is sales and not another distraction in a form of a shiny software with numerous functions which you will never use.

A CRM will not help you generate sales as it may even slow you down if you put it over the actual process and business development activities.

Of course every business is different, bu if you’re thinking about a CRM it means you most likely fall in to the same category I’m referring to.


In this episode I do not touch on the topic of the actual sales and marketing management. For now, let’s assume that you have the best team ever! Interestingly enough you struggle to chose the best CRM for startup, right? 😉

What’s in the episode?

  • Why CRM’s are overrated?
  • When to implement a CRM?
  • What is the best CRM for startups?
  • How much time it takes to configure a CRM?
  • Is it possible to have no CRM?
  • How to deal with sales and marketing without a CRM?
  • What about the GDPR regulations?

PS: If you feel that you may need to do some work around your sales and marketing strategy, maybe it’s time to recalibrate your business?

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Yet to come.


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