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VPP031 – Better employer branding with Rafał Kosno


This time we tackle a topic that’s probably one of the biggest headaches for managers and companies in general. And that’s hiring of course! The real trouble is that these days it’s all to do with employer branding!

Better employer branding starts with a good hiring process

Companies struggle to find best candidates for the job. I know this for a fact hiring myself, and I have seen it over the years. The trouble is that it’s not always the case that the candidates are “bad”…

Have you ever though about better employer branding which should be a part of a wider strategy?

If you’re hiring, there’s a lot to be done and said, including that you may have a completely wrong perspective of what’s required for that specific role. Not to mention that it’s very difficult to meaningfully reply to each call or every e-mail.

And here comes Rafał Kosno with and its team. With a simple yet very effective tool to help out companies to hire better and as a direct implication – implement a better employer branding strategy.

Talking about startups… do not forget that there is a different world than IT and high-tech. Other companies hire too. Same problems occur in different industries and the the solutions are not just reserved for big corporations or startups! We all have the right to hire the best possible staff – our partners in business.

Enjoy. There’s plenty of good insights in this one.

What’s in the episode?

  • Troubles with hiring we all face all the time
  • Brand vs product
  • How to sell the same product in a different package multiple times?
  • Forget the decision makers – search for the end users!
  • Head of innovation is the key to your pilots
  • How to manage people in a startup?

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Yet to come.


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