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VPP032 – Is 1M PLN round enough for a startup with Przemysław Siemaszko


How much do we need to start off? Is 1M PLN round, covering the seed stage of a startup enough in Poland? Let’s try to find out looking at a very specific example, thanks to my todays guest – Przemysław Siemaszko.

Building a software startup? 1M PLN round should be enough.

Long story short this kind of money should be enough at least to prove something. Looking at GGPredict and their automated CS:GO coach I feel that they’re really onto something.

That’s not only because the Counter-Strike niche is super obvious and gather a lot of gamers around it, but mainly because they tackle a rapid covid-proof market.

Year 2020 become the year of interesting shifts and pivots, that’s including gaming and e-sports. The move is massive according to my guest and it’s just the beginning as this becomes as big as, NBA, NFL or the Champions League!

What’s in the episode?

  • Is 1M PLN round enough for the seed stage?
  • How to build a covid-proof startup?
  • Know the market you’re in.
  • Focus on one, specific market
  • Why e-sports is a huge land grab
  • Biz-dev vs ads

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Yet to come.


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