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VPP033 – AI is in the game now with Mateusz Szala

football video analytics software

Today, together with Mateusz Szala we talk about a cutting edge football video analytics software for teams and coaches that’s being developed by a group of Polish fans!

Bootstrapping a football video analytics software startup?

When it comes to business it almost always starts with some kind of passion. Whether it’s just the drive for a specific opportunity, simply chasing money or even sports! And that’s the story behind Respo.Vision where a group of fans got together and challenged the way football teams and coaches think of their performance.

Let’s stop and look at the idea for a moment. A well built football video analytics software can change not only the perception of the team. It has the potential to dramatically influence other sports (like tennis or NFL), marketing and other markets. A bit like with e-sports, we’re all moving towards a more immersive and data driven playground. That’s why AI and deep tech startups are the ones to look out for.

On that note, one of the most important topics for startups is fundraising. According to my guest (and they’re actually finalising their seed round) it’s a numbers game. And I completely agree with this statement, especially when you consider the fact that investors receive hundreds if not thousands of applications every year.

What’s in the episode?

  • How does the tech work?
  • The demand for advanced analytics
  • The importance of pilots and studies before the go to market
  • Polish vs foreign VCs?
  • Fundraising takes longer than expected?
  • Complimentary skills for founders
  • Corporate experience pre-startup helps!
  • Working with a TOP-5 football club for POC!

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Yet to come.


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