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VPP035 – Why not become a digital nomad with Kamil Skalski


It might be a bit more difficult today to become a digital nomad than it used to be just over year ago… But still we should follow up with examples of such an extraordinary life. Kamil Skalski will be our guide today. Welcome!

Digital nomad vs entrepreneur

The story could be like any other and it’s not just IT staff who are entitled to travel and work at the same time… Kamil is an engineer but that’s not what makes him special!

His case is interesting for me because there is a side-hustle involved. And as a result of this side hustle we can read and listen about, a company created and curated by Kamil and his uncle.

It’s getting even more interesting if you realise that they have a hardware IT product and sell it only in their home country, Poland. That’s the way you live a digital nomad life! 😉

Let’s dive deeper into the interview. You might like the way Kamil approached his lifestyle and take something out of it for yourself!

PS: Kamil and his team are looking for a Business Development Manager to help them grow sales. Try to reach out, they may need your help!

What’s in the episode?

  • Startup out of a specific need!
  • Why we need to take more risks in Poland?
  • Build a cross-domain network!
  • Do not get attached to specific tools and reiterate!
  • Cliche persistence theme.
  • The issues with traditional sales and business development.
  • Why to up-sell?
  • Getting things done vs perfectionism…

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Yet to come.


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