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VPP036 – Riding the crowdfunding wave with Tomek Chołast


…the co-founder of one of the most interesting online companies in Poland. Let us listen to a story not only about crowdfunding but more importantly about a man chasing his desires and destiny [with plenty of mistakes along the way ;-)]

Crowdfunding in Poland

The crowdfunding story begins long time ago when a music band Marillion “crowdfunded” their tour using “the Internet” in 1997! Of course things got more complicated today than they were just over 25 years ago… especially considering all the tax-man-related matters 😉 That’s why it’s important to have companies like Zrzutka to help develop the local markets.

I’m not going to spoil anything related to the discussion we had, but what I’ll say is that this episode with Tomek is very important for me.

Why? Because it shows me that it does not take much to reach out to great people from the industry. My goal with this podcast is to listen to their stories and share the most important insights with you guys.

It’s also quite fascinating because talking with more experienced entrepreneurs almost always looks the same… they act like they they have not even started!

What’s in the episode?

  • How to find your target client group?
  • Education is crucial yet expensive
  • The importance of early adaptors
  • Why founders, quite frankly are… closed in a box!
  • Proper networking is a must…
  • How to avoid geo-expansion mistake no. 1
  • Keywords: partnership, timing, execution, patience, relationships
  • Do you measure your business enough?
  • Fintech is the future

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Yet to come.


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