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VPP038 – Startup stories with Hubert Guzera


Today we go through a lot of different startup stories… Sorry, but I just wasn’t able to pinpoint a specific one and call it the main theme of the interview. Why? Mainly because they’re all quite detailed, important from a startup perspective and based on real experiences! Enjoy!

More startup stories…

Although we can read about startups and technologies they develop for decades now, still there are topics that need to be addressed. Over and over again. Especially considering the fact that many early stage companies still struggle to keep up with the top tier gainers.

Is there anything they do different that makes them better?

Is it possible to somewhat close the gap, at least “ish” by simply repeating what’s working elsewhere and avoiding what’s not?

I think yes and my humble podcast experience shows me that these specific traits get along in common for many successful entrepreneurs. Some of them come more naturally, some can be taught but in the end the goal is the same.

My guest today is Hubert Guzera from Placeme. I’m really glad that we were able to meet and talk, as the episode we performed is just filled with very interesting and refreshing thoughts.

All the best guys.

What’s in the episode?

  • Data is NOT the key to growth.
  • Structure your product accordingly to the needs of the market.
  • If you’re not paying for the product, you’re the product.
  • Market education? Discover “it” together with the market!
  • Focus on about early adopters.
  • Make sure to handle customer data properly
  • Selling and selling at scale are two different things.
  • Consider productising your services.
  • Watch out for corporations and their promises.
  • Do not underestimate the sales cycle.
  • Think about KPI’s in a pivot situation.
  • Don’t be afraid to go early outside of the country of origin.
  • Tech is useless if it does not deliver value.
  • Know your (personal) limits…

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Yet to come.


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