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VPP037 – What is iBuying with Mateusz Romanowski

what is ibuying

Today we discuss innovation in the real estate market. SonarHome is a very interesting idea that came to Poland just recently and it’s a proper disruption if executed properly. Having said that, should we invest in something if people keep repeating “it’s a bubble”? This and more in todays episode of VPP, enjoy!

What is iBuying and how it’s going to help with the bubble?

Having spent some time on research and after recording this episode I think that we’re not in a housing bubble in Poland. Prices are higher and higher but they raise all the time, since the very beginning. Everywhere. Banking system today supports easy money and good paying jobs pay more and more.

Cities evolve and innovate which attract good talents. This means that people will be able to afford new apartments. Just check prices in Seoul for example. Gdańsk and Warsaw are still way behind but the standard of living is not so different.

And on this wave of “good economy” (disclaimer: I do not agree with everything happening today in the economy but that’s another story) we have innovators, like Mateusz Romanowski from SonarHome who try to disrupt the market while others think it’s a bubble.

Long story short iBuying is going to help with speed of transactions and liquidity of the market in certain segments. A company buys the apartment off you with close-to-zero hustle. Then they resell it with profit. But it’s not just like “flipping”, there is a lot of technology involved behind this concept as the majority of work is done online. A as complimentary service Mateusz created a website that allows sellers to maximise their profit using big data.

Ok, I think I’ll just let my guest explain this better 😉 Enjoy!

PS: Please, say with us to the very end in this one!

What’s in the episode?

  • Do not be afraid to pivot when the time comes
  • Look out for opportunities and never settle
  • Build the correct team for your business model
  • Reputation / credibility is gold
  • How to approach investors
  • What’s the future of real estate in Poland…. ?
  • Pandemics work style implications

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Yet to come.


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